Bagavagabond art opening in Austin

Nov. 10, 2012 at Empire Automotive in downtown Austin.

I have donated some of my larger Marfa prints to the Bagavagabond show which is hosting a artshow for charity.

Facebook event info:

More info about the migrating artshow:


E.A.S.T 2012 @ Super! Alright!

I am showing some recent photography for both weekends Nov. 10-11 and 17-18 11:00am-6pm.

This recent photo series comes from a discovered roll of film from a trunk of a car. In Texas our trunks get pretty hot. The result was a magenta tone on the entire roll of film. The photos were not manipulated digitally. Come by for a closer look.

Super! Alright!
301 Chicon suite A
#163 on the E.A.S.T tour


Good Company

One night only art show at Super! Alright! Sat Feb. 18 2012

Here is a time lapse of my installation:


EAST @ Super! Alright! 2011

Come to the annual East Austin Studio Tour. I will be hosting and showing art at SUPER! ALRIGHT!.

Jason Archer
Jen Bradley
Luther Himes
Adreon Henry 
Lauren Modery
Jacob Villanueva

Weekends 11am-6pm
November 12/13 and 19/20

7pm till ???
301 Chicon Suite A - map

8pm- 10pm: Neighbor
10pm - 11pm: BK & Mr.E 

11pm - Who Knows: DJ John Gross 

- Refreshments provided by Treaty Oaks; Waterloo Gin and Treaty Oaks Rum

Facebook event



Video installation with mediums

Mediums channels an ever expanding appreciation of varied styles and disciplines through a voice that is both accessible and challenging. Mediums compositions contain elements of classical, pop, electronic, and jazz music, but the aesthetic is unified and original. The performance will include live video feeds of the performers who are visible only by larger-than-life-sized projections on screens that will be dispersed throughout the theater.  The audience will have the unique opportunity to view the performers up close in a way that the typical performance space does not allow. 



Salvage Vanguard Theater